bronwyn bio (abridged)
live at the Mississippi

the abridged bronwyn bio

You will recognize the inherent goodness in Bronwyn.

Our guitars attract and repel.

It has been said that Bronwyn mixes elements of Smog, Cat Power, Tara Jane O'Neil, Come, Edith Frost, and Souled American, producing music both delicate and angular.

"The focus of the band [Bronwyn] is two ladies that do these enchanting call and response dark country love songs. The catch is that it is all electric, backed by a rock band. I saw them play three shows while in Portland and they never faltered once. Just amazing stuff."--Brian Miller, Deathbomb Arc

"really very, very sexy"--Chris Piuma, Sad Penguin

Sarah Lynn Wilmer (guitar, bass, accordion, vocals)
Richel Mariela Martinez (guitar, vocals)
Jacob Garth Anderson (guitar, bass, flute, glockenspiel, violin, accordion, vocals)
Christopher Michael Calvert (drums, vocals)
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