Blue Sonoco

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Blue Sonoco: All Asians Are UFO's CD-R $2

  • Young and sweaty sounds from this mid-90's Burbank, CA combo that featured  the teenage versions of future rockstars Brian Miller (now in Rose for Bohdan, Persian Empire, Drug the Corpse, Windard of Ox, Snow Queen), Brien Heinz (Jackass, Snow Queen) and future computer programmer Matt Kimberling.  Snotty, raw, and exuberantly nerdy, the way we like our Underage Luvin here at Tape Mtn.  Their entire recorded output, from the geek-with-boombox-and-foul-mouth  sound of their demo Son to the Big L.A. Sound of their Blackbean 12"      Uperbo.  Some interesting troubled "experimental" moments in among the clatter for good measure.

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