Is that Calvin Johnson on "Do Not Talk" on the Celesteville/luv[sic] album Sing Like Birds?

No, it is not, although it seems like everyone who has heard it thinks so. It is Steve Egan, one-third of luv[sic] and a notable solo artist in his own right. Have you checked out the Flimsy Cavern website? It contains many, many opportunities to hear Mr. Egan's voice untainted by my own. Quesadilla is selling the new luv[sic] album Fun to Make Fun Of, which I'm listening to as I type this.

I am, of course, always willing to do duets with Mr. Johnson, should he ever want to. I'm also looking for my copy of Beat Happening's debut album, which was one of the B/C records in my collection that got lost in the mail, along with the Bruces, the Buzzcocks, and the Clean.

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