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J. Anderson/S. Brooks: Play Guitar For You 3" CD-R $2

  • Inspired by Robbie Basho and Ukrainian-Canadian polka music (honest), the braintrusts behind Celesteville and Minmae sat down in my kitchen and recorded this little CD, improvised live to stereo, two acoustic guitars only.
  • Everyone loves the gimmicky 3" CD-R format, and everyone loves the typewriter-n-tinfoil cover as well. You will love all 18 minutes!
  • "j. anderson/s. brooks play git for me is the greatest thing to ever happen to music. wow."--Mike Landucci, Blackbean & Placenta
A House On Stilts trilogy:
  • Three new albums involving Celesteville (listed below, in descending order of "accessibility"): Sing Like Birds, Lingua Ignota, and Purest Blue Light. They are available individually, or, if you know you want the whole shebang, the whole shebang can be yours for $5 ($5.35 by clicking on the Paypal button below.)
  • Celesteville/luv[sic]: Sing Like Birds CD-R $2
    • This one has "hit" written all over it.  Bellevue, WA-based luv[sic] kick up their trademark thickety supergenius ruckus behind Portland, OR-based Celesteville's left-field songs and guitar ruination, and the results go down smooth.  The somewhere-between-4-track-and-digital production values are nice as well.  Twelve songs that you will remember and cherish for only $2!
    • And if that weren't enough, the packaging (designed by Billis of luv[sic]) looks great as well.  Includes lyric sheet so you can look up all the words.
    • Check out Flimsy Cavern at www.geocities.com/flimsycavern/ for a little more info on luv[sic].
    Celesteville Lingua Ignota CD-R $2
    • This one is on Cerritos, CA's Quesadilla Records (where you can hear some audio samples!) but I'll sell you a copy.  Song-based like Sing Like Birds but troubling like Purest Blue Light, this one has provoked some very strong reactions, and it's easy to see why: songs like "Asterism", "Ephrata Cloister", and "Utmost House" sound like they're about ready to get their heads lodged in their own navels, or have their bones fall out through their feet. 
    • You know those trees that you pass by when you are walking that are atwitter with birds, but you can't see any birds through the dense foliage?  This is like that.
    Celesteville Purest Blue Light CD-R $2
    • One 35-minute song recorded live on KBOO 8/19/01 by gracious hostess Jennifer Robin.  This one falls somewhere between Sandy Bull's "Blend" and Jandek's "The Electric End", but with some freaked Teiji Ito/Sun City Girls moments as well.  Instruments include a big metal bowl, recorders, flute, wild guitar, drums, and rambling vocals going on and on about Tualatin.  Both heart-rending and ridiculous, honest and utterly full of baloney, this is one you have to hear to believe, or disbelieve as the case may be.
    • Comes packaged in special fabric-bleach-n-staples packaging that walks the fine line between craftsy and punk-rock.  This one will be instantly identifiable on your CD rack.  Special packaging limited to 25 copies (because these little bastards are very effort-intensive, not as an attempt to manufacture a collectible--see here for thoughts about numbering.)
    Celesteville Unconsumed CD-R $1 alone, $2 with order or through Paypal
    • The lathe-cut 7" re-released in glorious semi-stereo on a shimmering CD-R; five songs modeled after a house on stilts, including a Jandek cover and a secret message for hornets.
    • Lyrics are here if you want them.
    Celesteville Flows West To East CD-R $2
    • Shaky etudes for tiple, vocals and water, recorded on a subpar Panasonic  handheld cassette recorder on a recent cross-country road trip; some good songs, some water noises.
    • Look here for commentary on the songs.
    Celesteville Kohoutek CD-R $2
    • It takes a million bees a lifetime to make one pound of honey.  This is sweeter and sadder.  12 songs that have been desperately trying to escape for three years, this is somehow still the "new" album.  Packed with hits including "Appear to Be", "Waverly", "Avoid", and the title track.  Originally slated for release on legendary California label Blackbean & Placenta , these songs were starting to ferment so I figured their time had come.
    • Here are the lyrics in a readable form (apologies if your copy has some in 3 point type)

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