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sorry about the low-quality photos... someday I'll be able to afford a real digital camera...

1) Peavey Predator.  Not the recent strat copy but the old-school one from when Peavey made heavy, high-quality guitars for the proletariat.  Red finish, maple neck, two Peavey humbuckers, Kahler Flyer tremolo (with arm).   This one could use a set-up if you want to use it as a shredder guitar (the action's higher than I like) but it's cheap at $80.  (compare to the Peavey T-60, which is going for upwards of $250...).  I'm only selling it because I prefer hardtail guitars.

peavey bodypeavey headstock

2) Ibanez Roadstar II sawed-off special.  Someone got wild with a saw and cut the horns off this guitar.  Punk rock!  The bolts that hold the neck to the guitar are missing, as are the strings, the locking nut, and one of the bolts that holds the Kahler trem in.  The finish (plastic? lacquer?) covering the headstock is missing a piece at the bottom  Sold as is, but the neck, tuners, and pickups (s-s-h) alone are worth $25, which is what I'm selling it for.

sawed-off Ibanez Roadstar IIibanez headstock

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