What is Gang Wizard?

a) Kank Qixarth!
b) Tustin Blvd.!
c) Universal rock!
d) Action strap!
e) Laughlin, NV!
f) Snarly roughage!
g) Dysentery!
h) Spirit of Princess Diana!
i) Black socks on the beach!
j) Slide whistle attack!
k) Plums!
l) The future collapsed into one moment and eaten and excreted!

What do Gang Wizard members do in their spare time?
a) wash their cars weekly
b) dwell with Bigfoot in the piney mountains
c) cluck like chickens
d) visit Laughlin, NV
e) alphabetize their videogame collections
f) buy dented cans and bruised produce
g) wear flip-flops in the snow
h) live monk-like lifestyles
i) never wash their cars
j) spend hours disassembling old gadgetry
k) dwell in darkened silence
l) collapse the future into one moment and eat it

Gang Wizard is Mike L, Christopher B, Jake A

Places you can visit the Gang Wizard collection:
a) Tape Mountain Catalog
b) Blackbean and Placenta Tape Club
c) Unread Records
d) Morc Tapes

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