NEW on Tape Mountain: Dewey Decimator Numerica Love Craze 3" CD-R. Todd Books and Kerri Kerrang wrestle up the hit electronic numbers and make music that is perfect for folding stylish underwear, playing badminton, buying bulk foods at WinCo, etc. Pure fun beats and samples that will enhance your lifestyle choices. Rocking. Smudgy-retro mimeographed covers, too!
The "Is This It" Sale! A family member recently purchased the Strokes' Is This It and while it isn't bad, it cost $16.98. $16.98! I jokingly told this family member that I would sell the entire Tape Mtn. Catalog (except for the harrowing Raunchy Young Lepers box set) for $16.98. And do you know what? I'm crazy enough to do it! Let's move some product!

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