Gang Wizard Live At LongHaul CD-R $2

  • When Gang Wizard is on, they are on, and the performance here is staggering. Recorded live in an anarchist bookstore in Berkeley, this document captures the sound of sweaty Gang Wizard members colliding with sweaty anarchists, and everyone was screaming and dancing like crazy, and it was a NO WAVE DANCE PARTY. I was playing RYL-style (or riot-grrl style) one-note guitar riffs, Mike was playing the trumpet into a microphone that was stuffed down my t-shirt, Brian destroyed his white guitar while wearing a lot of surgical tape, Aileen jumped up and down, and Christopher was ready to keep playing for another hour. Oh man what a night. The minidisc recording sounds good!
  • Fantastic packaging made out of bone-splinting material, index cards, paper clips, and Fred Meyer brand zipper-seal bags; definitely our pointiest packaging yet.
  • A co-release with fabulous Deathbomb Arc records!

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