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Bookish Hermit #2 zine--send me a stamp, or 75 cents Paypal

I cranked this one out by hand at the Portland Zine Symposium and it is a cute and smudgy little creampuff of a zine. I talk about water, being sappy, the Minor Thirds, going outside, typewriters, commodities, and that's literally about it. Eight or so index cards, a plastic sleeve, smudgy Print-O-Matic ink look and smell. I had the messiest hands at the convention.

Bookish Hermit #1 zine 50 cents/equivalent stamps/85 cents Paypal

  • Bookish and typewriter-laden adventures from your favorite Hermit (me!) References to the Sex Pistols, Lebanese coffee, the Sporting Group, peaches, DSL, Rael Lewis, the Clientele, dentistry, nectarines, Diskothi-Q, "Circus Atari", Charalambides, and the President of the United States. Value!
Tape Mountain/Celesteville t-shirts currently unavailable

  • We're working on getting these things to work correctly and not wash out. We will be successful soon, and will make these available again when they are ready. Hold your horses!
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Companion Piece zine 50 cents/85 cents Paypal

  • A text-heavy comic booklet set in the dusty flats of Orange County, California, that makes the heavy-handed comparison between vehicular trouble and romantic trouble. Sweet and sad, my emetic for the California toxins I'd accumulated.
  • A sample page: Trio for Baritone, Bugskull 10" and White Camaro

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