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To Scandinavians, this new Dewey Decimator 3" CD-R release will spell the magic of Home. To non-Scandinavians, these 8 Scandinavian Dances are a subtle emotional lesson: how to feel, not one emotion alone, and one after the other, but how to experience a continued blend of different emotions together: hope yearning for things to come, blended with nostalgia drawing us ever so gently backwards into the past: the gayety of enjoying a fortuitous hour of the present, blended with the melancholy of realizing how short this hour is and how quickly it will be gone. Then, when focusing our attention to the more specific realm of art appreciation, we will experience a most rare blend of the realistic and the stylized, in the music as well as in its interpretation: the melodies featured on this disk, the polkas and schottis (a polka somewhat slowed-down), are realistic in their lustiness and their easy singability, but at the same time they are also stylized in the gentleness and deftness of their contours.

apologies to Franzi Ascher and Arvid Franzen * enter