Celesteville Purest Blue Light CD-R $2
  • One 35-minute song recorded live on KBOO 8/19/01 by gracious hostess Jennifer Robin.  This one falls somewhere between Sandy Bull's "Blend" and Jandek's "The Electric End", but with some freaked Teiji Ito/Sun City Girls moments as well.  Instruments include a big metal bowl, recorders, flute, wild guitar, drums, and rambling vocals going on and on about Tualatin.  Both heart-rending and ridiculous, honest and utterly full of baloney, this is one you have to hear to believe, or disbelieve as the case may be.
  • Comes packaged in special fabric-bleach-n-staples packaging that walks the fine line between craftsy and punk-rock.  This one will be instantly identifiable on your CD rack.  Special packaging limited to 25 copies (because these little bastards are very effort-intensive, not as an attempt to manufacture a collectible--see here for thoughts about numbering.)

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