Raunchy Young Lepers: Simon & Garfunkel Shoot Up Salt Through Their Wangs 12-CD-R box set $20

Please note: This item is currently in stock, but you must first demonstrate that you have heard the Raunchy Young Lepers, either via a friend or via the now-available Virgin Sleaze Propaganda greatest-hits collection. As much as we appreciate getting $20 payments in the mail, it is a major pain in the ass. Email me for information on ordering.

  • Every note ever recorded by Tualatin, Oregon's greatest contribution to Culture--casual fans might want to hold out for the best-of album (coming soon) but for those of you who are already sold on Leper Music, this is a must-have.  Special packaging, song-by-song explanations so you'll finally get the inside jokes, and over a mile's worth of magnetic-tape expenditure in total.  A boon for Cultural Studies types, invalids, perverts, Communists, homophobes, radical feminists, record collectors, drafting teachers, etc. etc.  Dreadful and endless, truly hopeless.  You'll relish every moment.

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