Celesteville/Luv(sic): Sing Like Birds CD-R $2

  • This one has "hit" written all over it.  Bellevue, WA-based luv[sic] kick up their trademark thickety supergenius ruckus behind Portland, OR-based Celesteville's left-field songs and guitar ruination, and the results go down smooth.  The somewhere-between-4-track-and-digital production values are nice as well.  Twelve songs that you will remember and cherish for only $2!
  • And if that weren't enough, the packaging (designed by Billis of luv[sic]) looks great as well.  Includes lyric sheet so you can look up all the words.
  • Check out Flimsy Cavern at www.geocities.com/flimsycavern/ for a little more info on luv[sic].

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