Here is a list of the tapes that I have lying around from the halcyon days of the tape culture, which to my young ears was approximately '91 through '97 or so. Feel free to disagree! I'd be glad to trade tape copies of any of these for copies of other interesting stuff (on tape or CD-R)--just let me know at There are many other labels keeping the tape-label fire alive--check out my links page for great labels that will sell you first-generation copies of these things.

Updated 7/8/2002

Artist Title Label Comments
Beat Happening Three Tea Breakfast K
Bone Cure Picnic on the Drain Field Catsup Plate
Boszormeinyi, Alzo Ougadougou Nut Music
Brown Tower Colgate Routine Traumatone
Brown Tower Dirt's Up Traumatone Second-generation dub
Brown Tower What's the Name of That Small Thing? (Best of Vol. I) Catsup Plate
Bruces Family Day Sing, Eunuchs!
Bruno, Franklin Etudes for Voice and Snackmaster Shrimper
Bruno, Franklin Suggestion Box Shrimper
Bucknalls/Poo and Wee s/t / The Golden Panda Traumatone
Bugskull Gargamelodies Eldest Son
Bugskull Scaring a Nation (live 2x cassette) Eldest Son
Buzzsaw/Jamie McAlister Doctor Maladroit/Voyage into Fate Flannel Banjo
Cannanes Happy Swing K
Cash Nexus Harling Fieldgate's Pliers Flannel Banjo
Charms Eternity Beckons/Highbridge Dreams ? Tape made for me by Mike Newman of Traumatone
Coffee Plouble Datinum Union Pole
Cruise Control Pills Live at Catsup-Fest '96 None
DiskothiQ Delicious, Homemade Sonic Enemy Second-generation dub
DiskothiQ Harmless but Ultimately Unloveable/Loveless but Ultimately Unharmable Shrimper
Diving Board Heavenly Choir at the Barbecue Catsup Plate
Doormouse Imaginary Girlfriend Catsup Plate
DQE Hershymouth None
The Edith Oh, the Way Glenn Miller Played None Features Eric of Eric and the Barbarian Northmen
Edith Presler Don Vincenzio Gold Miner Blues and Others None Demo
Edith Presler For the Love of a Texas Cheerleader Catsup Plate
Edith Presler Live at Catsup-Fest '96 None
Ender Touched By God Sing, Eunuchs!
Entertainment November None Demo
Eric and the Barbarian Northmen s/t Catsup Plate
Furniture Huschle Phantom Limb Newsletter Car in Car Disco Product
Hall, Wilson Keith Catsup Plate
Landucci, Mike In Defense of Scary Bears ?
Libertines Live at the Olde Club None
Libertines Love (does not equal) Sarlac Pit Catsup Plate
Mark Regressing Union Pole From Good Horsey
McAlister, C/Willard, G. Live on KUCI 11-24-96 None
McAlister, Charlie Home and Far Away Nearsighted
McAlister, Charlie I Haven't Any Sea Legs Flannel Banjo
McAlister, Charlie Live at Catsup-Fest '96 None
McAlister, Charlie 8 Month Tab Catsup Plate
McAlister, Charlie Letting Go the Hatchet Catsup Plate
McAlister, Charlie Miracle Ear Flannel Banjo
McAlister, Charlie Sardine in Bastard Suit Plastic Duck
McAlister, Charlie Southern Promenade Porch Party Flannel Banjo
McAlister, Charlie Suburbian Beachtown Flannel Banjo
Mean Spirit'd Robots His Armies Is Humming Catsup Plate
Mean Spirit'd Robots I Heart the Cities/Ballad of AK Heart None Cassingle!
Mean Spirit'd Robots Live at Catsup-Fest '96 None
Mean Spirit'd Robots The Ballad of Shakey L'Bot/Pinhead None Cassingle!
Mountain Goats Transmissions to Horace Sonic Enemy
National Heroes s/t Theme Park
Noggin The Noisiest Noggin Yet Gritty Kitty
Nothing Painted Blue Logorrhea Shrimper Live radio recordings
Odessa Steps Hold Up for the Aftermath Catsup Plate
Plaster Scene Gantry and Western Theme Park
Pork Queen Recorded Live Shrimper
Puffy December 28th Shrimper (the only cassingle in the "Bilking The Welfare System" series of cassingles that made fun of Simple Machines' "Working Holiday" series")
Prick Decay Cuba, Planet Cuba! Union Pole
Ramon Speed Edicts and Muskets Sing, Eunuchs!
Ramon Speed My Speed Sing, Eunuchs!
Raymond and Peter Vol. III Tedium House
Refrigerator Lonesome Surprize/Rael Shrimper Second-generation dub
Refrigerator Side Stage Cess Sucker Nuf Sed Cassingle, only available on '93 West Coast Tour
Rendevous Debris Uncle Dad Exile?
Salesianum Malahashi Nut Music
Sentridoh Most of the worst, some of the best of Sentridoh Shrimper Second-generation dub
Shoebox Full of Love Boy's Boy Blue Tongue
Simmons, Will Human Sacrifice Bees Make Honey
Solid Jackson/Ender Milch the Room Sing, Eunuchs!
Spacehopper & Loose Connection Honeysuckle Traumatone^2
Speed Bumps Get Sped! Tube Alloy
Timonium Demo None
Totfinder The Street-Fighting Years Catsup Plate
Un Plays the Non-Hits for You None
v/a The Adventures of Pablo the Circus Boy Nut Music
v/a Bee Not Afraid Bees Make Honey
v/a Belly Up And Down to Davey Jones Flannel Banjo
v/a Car In Car Disco Product 1995 Talking Catalogue Car In Car Disco Product
v/a A Cheese Compilation Nearsighted
v/a Corkscrewed Theme Park
v/a Drone Bees Bees Make Honey
v/a Drowned in a Torrent of Golden Grain Catsup Plate
v/a Electronica Catsup Plate
v/a Film Stars Blue-Tongue
v/a Hardcore Acoustic Shrimper
v/a Hide & Go Seek Cactus Gum
v/a The Legend of Ross Ross/Union Pole
v/a Lonestar Palmetto Flannel Banjo
v/a Mein Compf 2 Doormat, TX
v/a Mein Compf 3 Doormat, TX
v/a More Drone Bees Bees Make Honey
v/a Not Including Weekends Ringside
v/a Prisoner of the Spectacle Doormat, TX
v/a Silvergate and Dovetail Car In Car Disco Product/Splinter
v/a Sip Blue-Tongue
v/a Skee-Ball Catsup Plate
v/a Women of the Sub-Underground Flannel Banjo
WCKR SPGT Who Will Die? Shrimper
Wizard Ho-Ho The Whet Album Bees Make Honey
Wizard Ho-Ho Googolplex and After Traumatone^2
Woof Woof (The Dog Clan) Psycotic Queenie's Antenna Transmissions Sing, Eunuchs!
Wonderboy Senhedro Catsup Plate
Yak & Flavor House Catsup Plate
Yak & Songs for Birds Traumatone
Yak & Steadfast, Unalterable, Unyielding Catsup Plate
Yak &/C. McAlister Cakes, Pies and Cauliflowers Flannel Banjo
Yak Brigade Twerp Catsup Plate
Yak Brigade Baratolandia Nearsighted (the same release as the CD-R on Tape Mtn.)

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