What is the deal with Tualatin?

Tualatin is a suburb of Portland, Oregon.  It is approximately 15 minutes outside of the city's core if traffic is good on I-5.  Tualatin is notable for its sprawly nature, lack of culture, man-made lake (no swimming allowed) in the "downtown" area, lack of thrift stores, annual "Crawfish Festival", unpronounceable name, and for being the place where I lived during my impressionable junior high and high-school years.  Tualatin's musical "scene" from 1989 to 1991 consisted of the Raunchy Young Lepers, the Cruise Missiles Named Bob, and maybe some other schmucks whom I wouldn't have known anyway.  I think the Goat-Boy's dad played in a cover band that played lots of Rush.

For more information on this fine city, please visit the City of Tualatin homepage.

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