(photo coming soon) Raunchy Young Lepers: Virgin Sleaze Propaganda CD-R $2

  • Almost 74 minutes worth of the worst music known to man; adolescent male fury captured live on a Panasonic boombox in Tualatin, Oregon circa '89-'91.
  • Goat-Boy, 28086, b.s. and Dr. Pain bring you such hits as "Sex Slave Auction", "I Love You For Your Mounds", "Grade School Sex Queen", "Deranged Psychosomatic Maniac", man, this one basically sells itself. Foul-mouthed, horrible, unthinkably juvenile and incompetent; this one will terrify you.
  • Genuine New Kids on the Block stickers on the first run of CD's; order now to avoid the heartbreak of missing this cultural artifact.

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