All prices are postpaid in the United States of America.  Value!

1)  The preferred route: Stuff USA cash in an envelope, or if you're too chicken to do that, write a check or money order to Jacob Anderson.  If you are in a country that is not the United States of America, please use American funds and add a dollar or two extra for postage.  (still cheap)  Mail to:
Jacob Anderson/Tape Mtn.
1803 SE Washington #2
Portland, OR 97214

2) If you're riding the wave of e-commerce or whatever the vapid buzz-phrase is these days, you can use Paypal.  Paypal me the appropriate amount for what you're ordering and make sure that I have your address somehow, and maybe include a nice note, and you will see a product in your mailbox soon.

3) If you have a carrier pigeon, whisper "Tape Mountain" in its ear a dozen times before you send it off with the appropriate amount in cash strapped to its foot.  All birds know how to find Tape Mountain.

4) If you see me in person:  Give me money.  I will give you a product.

5) If you do not want to order:  Do nothing!  Tape Mountain will continue regardless of your lack of interest.

thank you,

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