Coming-soon or maybe-not-so-soon products (update: 10/7/02)

Mike Landucci: Touching Cloth and Other British Slang

Eight curious songs from everyone's favorite mountain man and Blackbean and Placenta representative. Tweaked four-track pop, Moog rumbles, muttering, the works.

Scott Jacobson: Seldom Is Heard A Discouraging Word 3" CD-R

Scott (of Ehrlichman, the Sporting Group, etc) is doing hometaping pop like it should be done--a crisp but not too crisp and self-deprecating but not too self-deprecating one-man with 8-track operation. You'll think it's 1994 all over again, but this time you won't be too shy to talk to that person you have your eye on and you won't be too broke to buy what is pretty much a perfect little pop nugget.

Celesteville: Vast and Sad: live 2002

Early-2002 madness from Tape Mtn. house band/individual, this one features live recordings on KPSU, in the Kelly Haus basement, and on tour with Creepy Crawly Claw in Washington state. Two songs over 10 minutes on a single chord, con brio, ad nauseam, plus 4 raucous songs that sizzle off the tape recorder, plus Grace Lee and Sean Broox and Rob E., good music for falling off cliffs.

Fencepost untitled 3"

Co-released with drone-mongers Evelyn Records of England, this one takes the single-sound-source ambient aesthetic and does nice things with it, kind of like This Heat in their loopier days. Hot.

Yak Ampersand/Yak &/Yak Brigade CD-R box set

prelapsarian wordy thrills abound in this nostalgic collection of pop favorites  Update 4/18/02: We are honestly working on this one--Christie Gorman is making boxes and I'm recording stuff to my hard-drive. A total treasure trove, believe you me!

Raunchy Young Lepers best-of CD-R We Will Kick Your Ass If You Don't Listen To Our Suicide Music

many digital reasons why the Y chromosome should be outlawed.  Update 7/16/01:  Kind of on the back burner for now; possibly a future co-release on a non-CD-R format with legendary Catsup Plate Recordings of Brooklyn, NY, but maybe not.

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