Live at Tape Mtn. HQ

Live at Tape Mtn. HQ CD-R $2

Nearly 68 minutes of amazing performances, captured live in my living room by the able minidisc of Cris Stoll. It was a respectful and fun show: the living room was packed, there was no shoving, Charlotte Wells brought cheesecake, John Mulvey brought Miller High Life, only one can of Pabst fell into the lavender by the porch, Mike Landucci was here all the way from Frazier Park, CA, and my future significant other showed up timidly and applauded wholeheartedly. Oh man it's a good listen. Check it out!

  • Minmae: Sean plays sumptuous solo versions of Minmaeic hits.
    • one of us has to go
    • beginning with dissuader
    • the bastard
    • sword-stone
    Get more Minmae on our Minmae catalog page or at Airborne Virus.
  • Celesteville: yours truly, with Sarah Wilmer of Bronwyn playing accordion.
    • I have not spoken all day
    • unconsumed
    • cloverleaf
    • let's climb a mossy hill
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  • Bronwyn: Sarah, Richel, and Sean, right before Sean quit and Chris and I joined.
    • work
    • main
    • ---
    • we've agreed
    Email Bronwyn to get the fabulous CD Honey on the Road, or ask about the forthcoming EP Where I Fell.
  • The Minor Thirds: Chris and Charlotte's fantastic and perverse songs shine in the living room alcove.
    • (let's not) get it on
    • ---
    • the angel's revenge
    • John Henry
    • Portland (fragment)
    The Minor Thirds have an attractive and frequently-updated web site.
  • Rose For Bohdan: Brian and Grace attempt to play "acoustic", with me on drums (typewriters, walls, floor tom). Whoa.
    • the fear
    • the horse threw up
    • dig dug
    Hie thee to Deathbomb Arc!!!!!!
  • A John Henry Memorial: Davis sings his heart out, and Michael, Angelo, and Glamorous Pat clatter along. It was 1 am!
    • judges
    • peril
    • they should just
    • Houdini was my neighbor
    • enemies
    Check out the JHM tape on Unread, or email JHM for more details!

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