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J. Anderson/S.Brooxx: the masterminds behind Celesteville and Minmae play guitar in the kitchen
Blue Sonoco: wild underage luvin from Brian Miller of Rose 4 Bohdan
Celesteville: Tape Mountain house band, the full range of birdlike experience
Dewey Decimator: bouncy electronic fun for all ages and literacy levels
Gang Wizard: Southern California's finest third-rate Dead C cover band
Scott Jacobson: 8-track song-wrangling, from Brooklyn, vintage-sounding but with modern conveniences
Mike Landucci: Blackbean and Placenta head honcho plays stumbly mountain-man music
Luv(sic): the tastiest and most complex pop substrate in the lumpiest hiss gravy
Charlie McAlister: South Carolina's resident philosopher, sardine connoisseur and American Hero
Minmae: S. Brooxx's croon and guitar-caress will make you salivate in outer space
ONQ: Needly rock sounds from Italy, attractive but dangerous
Raunchy Young Lepers: the icky smell and sound of Tualatin adolescent male frustration
Taken Girls: drone bliss with prepared guitar and minimal percussion
Various Artists:
  • Live at Tape Mtn. HQ--featuring Minmae, Celesteville, Bronwyn, the Minor Thirds, Rose 4 Bohdan, and A John Henry Memorial
Yak Brigade: Prelapsarian pop sounds, the swap meet all spilled out onto 4-track
Still available: the Prudence Classic (5 CD's plus a zine for $6) and Live at Tape Mtn. HQ--check the catalog page!
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